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Meet Your Financial Team

At Peace of Mind Financial Planning, Inc., we have an environment where people of diverse backgrounds are welcomed, supported, and well served. We know that a thriving economy is one in which no one is excluded, and everyone has the opportunity to flourish.

Linda Y. Leitz, PhD, CFP®, EA Photo Linda Y. Leitz, PhD, CFP®, EA Hover Photo

Linda Y. Leitz, PhD, CFP®, EA

Linda Y. Leitz, PhD, CFP®, EA

Providing financial planning is much more than a career for Linda – it’s a lifelong mission. She believes that all individuals and families can feel in control of their finances and have money help provide them the life they want. To have more in depth understanding of how people work through their financial concerns and to provide better support to her clients, Linda obtained a PhD in Personal Financial Planning. Because she believes that consumers are best served by a strong financial planning profession with rigorous standards, she has given her personal time and efforts to organizations that further the profession and having served as Chair of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. Linda has three adult children and her hobbies include reading, hiking, and movies. (She also enjoys knitting, but we all agreed that’s too boring to put on the web site.)

 For more information about Linda’s experience and credentials, click here.

Dani Parris-Exline, CFP®, AFC® Photo Dani Parris-Exline, CFP®, AFC® Hover Photo

Dani Parris-Exline, CFP®, AFC®

Dani Parris-Exline CFP® AFC®

Dani Parris-Exline is a long-time personal finance nerd who pivoted from a 20-year career in Human Resources focused on coaching, compensation, benefits, and data analysis into Financial Services. She has also been a tax preparer. She provides financial advisory services for clients of this firm. Dani has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Central Florida and a Masters of Business Administration from Webster University. When she’s not working or playing with her own finances, she’s indulging her wanderlust traveling with her husband, adoring her three cats, or reading.

For more information about Dani's experience and credentials, click here.

Cale Ramhorst Photo Cale Ramhorst Hover Photo

Cale Ramhorst

Cale Ramhorst

Cale is the Research Analyst at Peace of Mind Financial Planning, Inc. and has worked with Linda since 2014. He has his AFSP certification and does the preparation for most of our appointments with clients, as well as researching investments and tax issues. Additionally, he helps manage our website and the online content that we bring to our community. In addition to his work in our office he is also the head varsity boys soccer coach at Discovery Canyon Campus High School. Cale graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in finance.

Kathy Watkins, FPQP® Photo Kathy Watkins, FPQP® Hover Photo

Kathy Watkins, FPQP®

Kathy Watkins

Kathy Watkins has been a paraplanner since 2009. She provides services to fee-only financial planners through her business, Turnkey Paraplanning, and is a Registered Paraplanner(FPQP®). Prior to her work in financial planning, she had over 20 years of corporate experience providing executive level administrative support. She obviously started her career when she was 10 years old. Kathy works with investment trades, processing client distributions from accounts at TD Ameritrade, nagging – oops – requesting documents and information from clients for meetings, preparing and processing account forms. She has been "sheltering in place" (aka working from her home office) for the past 12 years. When not paraplanning, she can be found catching up on her reading (usually something lowbrow).

Tammy Shirtz, FPQP® Photo Tammy Shirtz, FPQP® Hover Photo

Tammy Shirtz, FPQP®

Tammy Shirtz

Tammy joined Peace of Mind Financial Planning, Inc. in 2018 and handles client service issues like scheduling appointments and follow up for information requests. She tackles a lot of the required daily tasks that support the smooth operation of the office (which is no small feat with this gang), and she helps maintain recordkeeping for client files.  Before joining the firm, Tammy was actively involved as an Air Force spouse and mother of two daughters - volunteering in a number of different capacities to include two separate PTO Board positions, and several accounting and bookkeeping positions.  When she’s not working, Tammy enjoys spending time with her unnervingly handsome husband, John (who wrote this bio), and their slightly less attractive dog, Sadie.  Tammy holds an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies and worked in the law department of a prominent Colorado energy company.

Erin Slife, FPQP® Photo Erin Slife, FPQP® Hover Photo

Erin Slife, FPQP®

Erin Slife

Erin utilizes her love of organization, order and details in support of general office operations and to manage client files and document flow. Erin also works with preschoolers in the local school district during the school year. Her previous employment, prior to a career break to focus on her job as a mother to her daughter and son, included managing corporate wide area computer networks and installing local area networks on US Navy ships as a civilian. Any sea stories she has are classified – so don’t ask. When not working, she enjoys reading, traveling or enjoying the great outdoors of Colorado.  Erin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Government with a minor in Economics from the College of William and Mary.