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FAQ for Divorce

Q: What makes your professional experience unique?

Co-founder and co-owner Linda Leitz has a PhD in Personal Financial Planning and has been a financial professional since 1979. She is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). She has served as Chair of the National Association of Personal Advisors and worked on a national level with the CFP Board of Standards as a volunteer. The approach of everyone in the firm is to integrate the important aspects of your financial life as well as the personal issues that are unique to you.

Q: Can you help me make a financial proposal to my spouse?

We can analyze your family assets, debts, income, and expenses in order to help you craft a proposal on how to treat each of these elements in a divorce. We have insight into the range of settlement options, on assets, debts, spousal maintenance (also called alimony), and child support, and the tax ramifications of these issues.

Q: Do you work with my spouse and me or can I work with you alone?

We can work with either or both of you. There are ethical constraints on how both spouses are treated, which are covered in an initial appointment.

Q: Can you help me with legal forms?

We’re not attorneys, so we don’t do legal work. But we can help you with the required financial disclosures. And we can refer you to attorneys who can either consult with you or represent you in your case. Even an amicable divorce is a legal matter, so it’s not a good time to scrimp on the cost of getting it done right.

Q: How do I get your help?

We can schedule a free get acquainted call to discuss your situation and how we can help.