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Divorce Financial Planning Services

Colorado Springs - financial planning

Divorce is overwhelming. Besides the emotional turmoil, the upheaval of your finances can feel devastating. Understanding your financial situation as a single person can leave you with many questions. 

Do I have enough money to live? Do I need to change my lifestyle? What if I don’t understand the assets and debts involved?  How do I know what financial settlement is right for me? Once I have what I’ll get from the divorce, how do I manage that money? 

We offer financial planning services to help you to understand your new financial situation and we formulate strategies to move forward.

Our goal is to help you identify the issues that need to be addressed immediately and what can wait until a later date.

This can include:

  • Investment analysis to identify what you have and whether or not your investment strategy makes sense for your current situation
  • Retirement projections to help evaluate a financially secure retirement for you
  • Tax planning to teach you how to properly address your tax situation going forward
  • Budgeting to help you have sufficient cash flow to pay your bills
  • Other services you may need

These consultations can be scheduled during divorce negotiations or after a divorce is finalized. After a divorce we can assist with: processing paperwork with banks and investment companies to separate assets, changing ownership of credit cards, mortgages and personal loans, and changing beneficiaries on insurance and investment accounts.

FAQ for Divorce