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Integrated Financial Planning

Peace of Mind Financial Planning Inc. team photo

What We Do for Our Clients

Peace of Mind Financial Planning, Inc. knows that finance can be a source of stress, but it doesn’t have to be. We help you feel comfortable with personal finance and grow your confidence around money. That comes as part of integrated financial planning. 

We provide our services on a fee-only basis, with no product sales or commissions, on our fiduciary standard of providing advice that we believe is in our clients’ best interest. The aspects of financial planning include:

  • Investment Strategy, including asset allocation, and investment recommendations and implementation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance analysis and recommendations
  • Estate Planning regarding wills, powers of attorney, health powers of attorney, living wills, and other estate issues
  • Tax Planning
  • Individual Income Tax Return Preparation
  • Goal Setting
  • Budgeting and Record Keeping
  • General Financial Planning

How We Do It

First and foremost, we are committed to doing what we believe is in our clients’ best interest. For the vast majority of people, integrated financial planning that addresses their goals, investments, retirement planning, retirement, insurance, estate plan, taxes, spending, and other financial concerns is optimal. Over many years, it’s been our experience that financial planning isn’t an event, it’s an ongoing process. So most of our clients work with us for many years and pay an annual flat fee to have us provide proactive integrated financial planning as well as be available for questions. The fee varies, depending on the needs of the clients and the complexity of their situation. Some clients’ needs are met through a project that’s limited in scope for a flat fee.

Peace of Mind Financial Planning, Inc. provides advice and services to implement advice, but we don’t sell products or take referral fees. Our loyalties are to our clients and they are the sole source of our compensation.

If you’d like to discuss potentially working together, you can schedule a 20 minute get acquainted call at no charge. This call gives you a chance to ask questions about our services and qualifications, and for us to see if what you need is a fit for our services.

To schedule this call, you can contact us at 719-836-8181 or you can use our online scheduling tool, by clicking here.