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Money can be a sore subject

Let us massage that knot out

Couples & Money

Financial disagreements are one of the top reasons for couples divorcing. Many couples attend pre-marital counseling to strengthen their relationship prior to marriage, however not enough couples take the same steps financially. Having financial discussions are crucial in taking a major step in furthering commitment in a relationship. That’s true if you are in a committed relationship, moving in together, getting married, or considering that a relationship is ready to move to the next level.  Whether you are in a committed relationship or entering into one, discussing money and your financial goals is important. We are here to help.  We provide a consultation with both of you to discuss these issues. 

We address expectations around spending, saving, sharing expenses, how purchasing decisions are made, and your general financial goals. We provide each of you with handouts relating to some of the pitfalls involved with money both in and out of marriage. We also provide an analysis of your money personalities and attitudes, and will help you find the best way to interact based on these results. This is the first part of an integrated financial plan. Having these issues clear between you and your significant other will then allow you to be ready to begin financial planning.  

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