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Meet Your Financial Team

Linda Y. Leitz, PhD, CFP®, EA Photo Linda Y. Leitz, PhD, CFP®, EA Hover Photo

Linda Y. Leitz, PhD, CFP®, EA

Linda Y. Leitz, PhD, CFP®, EA

Providing financial planning is much more than a career for Linda – it’s a lifelong mission. She believes that all individuals and families can feel in control of their finances and have money help provide them the life they want. To have more in depth understanding of how people work through their financial concerns and to provide better support to her clients, Linda obtained a PhD in Personal Financial Planning. Because she believes that consumers are best served by a strong financial planning profession with rigorous standards, she has given her personal time and efforts to organizations that further the profession, having been appointed to the 2016-2017 Certified Financial Planning Board Commission on Standards and having served as Chair of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. Linda has three children and her hobbies include reading, hiking, and movies. (She also enjoys knitting, but we all agreed that’s too boring to put on the web site.)

 For more information about Linda’s experience and credentials, click here.

Terri Schlabs Photo Terri Schlabs Hover Photo

Terri Schlabs

Terri Schlabs

Terri is Operations Manager, Chief Compliance Officer, and co-owner of Peace of Mind Financial Planning, Inc. Terri has worked with Linda in managing operations, accounting, and staff supervision since 2003. As Operations Manager, she coordinates the team effort in having clients’ needs met for smooth delivery of financial advice. She is also the primary contact for regulatory management within our profession. Prior to working in this profession, she worked at Digital Equipment Corporation for 10 years in finance and cost accounting. She has a Bachelor of Science in accounting from the University of Colorado. Terri loves to spend her free time outdoors - gardening, hiking, as well as camping, and traveling.

Garrett Huerter Photo Garrett Huerter Hover Photo

Garrett Huerter

Garrett is a Financial Planning Analyst and Candidate for CFP® certification here at Peace of Mind Financial Planning, Inc. Garrett joined the firm June 2018 as an addition to the Advisory Team. Garrett works alongside Linda to provide clients with advice as they work toward their financial goals.

Education and Credentials

He attended Kansas State University, where he discovered his passion for financial planning. Garrett graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University. He received a 2018 Outstanding Student in Personal Financial Planning award.  Garrett is a licensed Investment Advisor Representative in the state of Colorado. He is actively pursuing the Certified Financial Planner™ mark with the intent of being an additional CFP® on the team. 


Garrett has been an intricate part of small businesses throughout his life. He grew up in an entrepreneurial family, where he had exposure to the intricacies of running a successful small business. Throughout his time at Kansas State University, Garrett has worked alongside entrepreneurs as an integral part of their business. He provided financial guidance as they worked to grow and improve their small business in an accounting and general financial guidance role. With this background, Garrett is driven to work with entrepreneurs as they work to start, grow and continually improve their business. 

Garrett is originally from the Kansas City area. He is an avid outdoorsman and spends his free time enjoying the outdoors. Much of this time is spent both hunting and fishing.  

Cale Ramhorst Photo Cale Ramhorst Hover Photo

Cale Ramhorst

Cale Ramhorst

Cale is a Research Analyst and Assistant Operations Manager at Peace of Mind Financial Planning, Inc. and has worked with Linda and Terri since 2014. Cale does the preparation for most of our appointments with clients and he handles the paperwork related to client accounts and transfers of assets. Additionally he helps manage our website and the online content that we bring to our community. In addition to his work in our office he also coaches academy level soccer with B-Elite Soccer Academy here in Colorado Springs. Cale graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in finance.

Bob* Photo Bob* Hover Photo



Bob is in charge of client comfort and relaxation. He understands that personal finance is sometimes a stressful topic and does his best to help calm clients. His hobbies are chasing rabbits and reading existential literature.

*If you might be allergic to one of the members of the firm, just let us know and that member will not attend your appointments.